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Who We are

TTBIO CORP.is located in Taiwan Taichung Precision Machining Technology Innovation Park. 
During 2001~2011, The parent company” ThunderTiger Gourp” of TTIBO CORP.
took the advantages of the high precision machining technology,
R&D resource and QC system
experience into the field of dentistry.

In 2012, ThunderTiger set up a new company “TTBIO CORP.” in order to provide the Dental Instruments,

accessories, high precision machining parts and components to our customers.

TTBIO CORP. promises to provide state-of-the-art medical instruments and encourage
research in core areas while maintaining professional excellent to ensure continuous innovation
and development in order for the benefit of human health and environmental protection.

What We Offer


Fully certified in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CE0086, FDA, TFDA and CFDA.
●We manufacture 100% customized highly precise and accurate machining parts for our customers.
●We are able to offer small and medium production of complex machining parts in diameter ranges
from approx. 0.3mm to 250mm and geometric tolerance 0.0005mm (0.5μ).
●150,000.rpm grinding inner and outer diameter size of 0.3 ~ 150mm, and geometric tolerance 0.0005mm (0.5μ).

Our Brand

TTBIO CORP. owned brand 』. which is the symbol of brave, wise, loyal warrior. As for『BIO (Biotech)』, that stands for contribution for human’s health.
TTBIO CORP. owned brand which is with high –precision, high-torque and high-value product differentiation image and has established the best reputation of manufacturing medical equipment in Taiwan. Our products with the highest quality are all made in Taiwan.


TTBIO CORP.has the well-training and motivated employees to develop the excellent product. Our R&D team is
capable to use the latest CFD / FEM / FFT analysis software, firmware BLDC/ DC motor control technology,
as well as the integrated systems.
Our high-speed handpieces series and electric handpieces series have won the national product Excellence Awards.

TTBIO CORP. will continue to enhance the company's R & D and precision processing technology through lively
knowledge-sharing that results in intelligent, innovative and high-performance production solutions for our customers
and to become the leader of the medical equipment industry.

If you are interested in our dental product, please contact our exclusive distributor "" for further assistance.  


A Chronicle of Events


*Company stock listed as emerging stock for transaction.


*Cooperated with Show Chwan Health Care System and set up Asia-Pacific Development Research Center of oral medical material to develop the integration of mechanical and electrical system for dental and orthopedic surgical instruments.


*joint venture with the international company to set up TH Inc.
*Officially began operating activities, manufacturing and sales of medical equipment products.
*Thor 700 handpiece series got the 21th Taiwan Excellence Award.


*Found TTBIO CORP by Thunder Tiger Group in order to develop, manufacture and sale the oral medical devices.


*Announced the signing of an exclusive distribution and marketing agreement with the international company to be the exclusive distributor of all TTBIO brand dental handpieces in China and Hong Kong markets.


*Signed technical support contract with W&H for further improvement of TTBIO handpieces.


*Thor 201 handpiece series got the 15th Taiwan Excellence Award.


*Found M&L Corporation, “joint venture with W&H” to be the exclusive distributor for W&H and TTBIO products in China market.


*Launched the first dental handpiece.
*First participation of Den Tech China Exhibition
*Recognized and awarded by the Department of Industrial Technology Service of the Ministry of Economics for “Ultra-high speed Turbine Dental Handpiece Development Project”

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